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Chronic Pain





It is natural to experience emotional, social or behavioral disturbances at times and certain experiences such as marriage breakdown, job layoff, mid-life crisis, accident or serious health issue, the death of a close relative or friend, business or educational failure, life transitions, and traumatic events. You can make an appointment or contact us using the information at the bottom of the page.

Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling

One to one meeting with a therapist which is private and confidential to help address and resolve problematic issues relating to your symptoms or life circumstances.

Relationship Counselling

Session is focused on helping couples who are experiencing challenges in their relationships with difficulties such as parenting, traumatic incident, finances, communication and anger management. Relationship counselling can be done with one or both members of the couple in attendance.

Rehabilitation Psychological Assessment and Treatment

Motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries and traumatic events can lead to psychological disturbance that can affect your ability to function. We will work with you to help you to learn to live your life as fully as possible given the significant changes in your life.


Phobias occur as a result of sensitization, in which you learned to associate anxiety to a particular situation. When you always avoid a situation it is now a phobia. If a phobic reaction is interfering significantly in your enjoyment of life we can work together in a gentle way to slowly desensitize, or unlearn, the connection between anxiety and particular situation.


On the surface perfectionism sounds like a good thing. The common consequences of perfectionism are avoidance of challenges, procrastination and being easily overwhelmed. Learn to set and reach realistic, achievable, and flexible goals.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Do you have fearful thoughts that repeat themselves and cause you anxiety? Learn strategies to reduce and diminish these behaviours that are controlling your life.


Codependency occurs when our inner happiness is dependent on another’s approval and we become obsessed in controlling another’s behaviour to feel good about ourselves.


Anger is a power emotional that results from feeling hurt, feeling afraid and feeling frustrated. Learn to manage anger effectively. Call now to make an appointment.

Eating Disorders

The core issue in eating disorders is an overconcern about shape and weight.