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New book

My friend and colleague Sara Dimerman with her co- authorJ.M.Kearns launched their new book titled, “How can I be your lover when I’m too busy being your mother?” This book can help you learn to be partners again and is a fun read.

Turning Straw into Gold

Live well while sick (Psychology Today July/August 2012

“I became I’ll after failing to recover from what appeared to be an acute viral infection. At the time, I was in my dream job. It took me almost four years to accept that I couldn’t force my body to heal. That’s when I began to create a new life from my bed. I studied music and opera. I taught myself silk ribbon embroidery. I’m now writing my second book-still from bed.” Toni Bernhardt, J.D.

Thought for today

Every interaction you have with another person changes them. How you act will make a difference in how the other reacts.

Thought for the day

Oftentimes our feelings are hurt by other people’s comments or actions; be aware of whether you are also responsible for hurting your own feelings.

Acceptance of Self

We so often live our lives trying to achieve the acceptance of important people in our lives. Sometimes we meet that goal and oftentimes no matter what we do, what we achieve, we seem to fall short. By looking towards self for acceptance, by living our lives to what is meaningful and importance to us, we can feel okay in this world and love who we are.