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Anxiety is a normal part of being a human being and two in five people worry at least once a day. It is also estimated that 1 in every 20 people experience significant generalized anxiety at some point in their life. Feeling afraid is a normal survival instinct and occurs in response to a dangerous situation. Fear is also experienced in non-life threatening situations such as going on a job interview, taking an examination, or playing an important sports game and this can help you prepare. Anxiety becomes a problem when it is out of proportion to the situation and interferes with your quality of life. Anxiety can be expressed in the form of a specific phobia such as fear of social situations, driving, heights, and are often associated with avoidance behaviours and panic attacks. Anxiety can also be more generalized and be associated with chronic worries, uncontrollable anxiety, intrusive thoughts, difficulty with uncertainty, restlessness, physical tension, sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating, procrastination, and avoiding. Anxiety can become such a normal part of who you are that people often think, “Who wouldn’t worry!” If anxiety is preventing you from fully living your life have the courage to make a change today by arranging a consultation.